13 November, 2019

 Apparatus Photos

1922 American La France Pumper

1966 Dodge Power Wagon

1990 E-One Engine Pumper

1992 E-One Rescue Pumper

1996 Ford F-350 Utility

2006 E-One Quint Aerial

2008 Ford Expedition Command Vehicle


2011 Ford F550 Hackeny Special Service

2013 Sutphen 4000 Gallon Tanker

Retired - 1990 Cals Thompson 4000 Gallon Tanker




HFD Administration

Christie Toth

1st Vice President
Ali Myers

2nd Vice President
Josh Moore

3rd Vice President
Andrew Armington

Melissa Simmons

Ast. Secretary
Hailey Toth

David Bregenzer

Ast. Treasurer
Duchess Lake


Joseph A. Toth II

Michael A. Toth

David Lorenzetti

Timothy Fenton


Fire Fighter & EMT / Line of Duty Deaths  Fire Fighter & EMT / Line of Duty Deaths